About ArcYtec

Founded by Yohan Cohen and Yuval Inbar, with a long common career history in Big-Tech and Startups (Walletex, Primesense, Apple).


Together gathered a team of world-class experts to bring innovation to depth sensing market. Bringing years of expertise and extensive multidisciplinary experience along with infinite passion.

We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting technology and inspiration, something that will impact our day to day interaction with technologies.


The greatest success of ArcYtec is deeply rooted in this team’s unique attitude. Uncompromised professionalism, creativity and resourcefulness next to vast knowledge in a field where only a few people worldwide are experts in, has positioned them as global market leader of laser safety.

“We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting technologies and inspiration, something that will impact people’s day to day interaction with technologies”.

Yohan Cohen,
Co-founder & CEO


24+ years living and breathing technology


We have the chance to be here and now, the speed of new technologies development is amazing. People creativity is all over the place, there is no frontier between what we can imagine and what we can do.

It is just a question of time and collaboration between people. That is why we have created ArcYtec, using years of expertise and extensive multi-disciplinary experience we are bringing new technologies of our own to the market as well as supporting Big-Techs company and Start-ups in the way to the product of their dreams.



Yuval Inbar,
Co-founder & CTO


Always on the lookout for new and exciting new technology and inspiration


How things work? what makes us want something doing one or the other? I was always curious about what drives innovation, is it us or is it technology driving itself.

I always push to be involved in as many fields as possible, which positioned me as a system engineer for some of the industries most ambitious development (for consumer products).

Playing a key role in the definition and development of complex system made me fall-in-love with laser safety and it's strict requirements pushing your work towards perfection.

What I always like to ask myself is, would I let my kids play with it with no supervision? I would never stop polishing my work until the answer is YES!

Yuval Inbar

Elad Levy,
Senior system architect
Motion control expert
Amit Levy,
Characterization platform architect