Always two steps ahead of future technologies

ARCYTEC Leadership

ARCYTEC was founded in 2019 by Yohan Cohen & Yuval Inbar who shares 15 years of mutual journey in the Depth sensing world.

Their achievements at Apple, Intel, Magic Leap, PrimeSense, M-System, Modu and other startups led them to join forces and take their vast knowledge and expertise to the next level when building their own successful Startup.

They quickly managed to gather a team of world-class experts at ARCYTEC and bring constant innovation and value to the Depth sensing market industry.


We are always on the lookout for new and exciting technologies and inspiration, something that will impact people's day-to-day interaction with technologies.

We are truly passionate about new technologies and the way it changes and affect our world.

We believe in human creativity and witnessed many times that there is no limit to our imagination and that “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe - it can achieve” (Napoleon Hill).

Our team constantly develops groundbreaking technologies with registered patents, and designing innovative Laser safety testers for R&D and manufacturing, MEMS scanner testers, and Laser projectors.

No doubt in our minds that ARCYTEC's success is rooted in the high competence of our team. We have managed to bring together the best experts in the fields of depth sensing, laser safety and MEMS. Next to constant developments of new technologies and products we are providing high level consulting to Big Techs.

Yohan Cohen

Co-founder and CEO

Top expertise and accomplishments:

  • Multidisciplinary System R&D group and large-scale project management.
  • Next generation technologies R&D and introduction.
  • Multidisciplinary System Architecture and Micro Architecture (Optic, EE, ME, VLSI, SW, Algo).
  • Project management (all phases from research to MP).
  • System and HW Group management.
  • Unique Expertise in Laser Safety and MEMS Architecture in complex design.
  • Product Road Map and Strategy.
  • Co-registered 11 patents in the field of cellular phone / RF antennas / optic system /Depth sensing.

Thanks to strong French genes Yohan has a refined palate and he is a connoisseur when it comes to whiskey, wine and gourmet food. He is a master in Kung Fu, he regularly engages in extreme sports and at his home you will only find organic products (from apples to shampoo).

Yuval Inbar

Co-founder and CTO

Top expertise and accomplishments:

  • Complex Multidisciplinary system architecture.
  • Expert at Laser Safety standards - IEC 60825-1:2007 / 2014 & ANSI Z136.
  • Laser Safety architecture and micro-architecture (FTA, FMEA, optics, EE, ME, algorithms, VLSI, FW).
  • Expert in camera development from R&D phase to mass production implementation: optical designs analysis, image quality expertise, sensors, image software modules, VLSI, optical camera calibrations and more.
  • Depth sensing technologies & vision products.
  • Cutting edge technologies research & implementation.
  • Project management for all R&D phases.

Yuval is an avid photographer, and while he enjoys traveling the farthest sides of the land, he always makes sure his family is there alongside him.