When it comes to Depth sensing technology expertise and Multidisciplinary system architecture, ARCYTEC aspires to maintain its global leading role as one of the top experts in this field.

Our team currently develops new depth sensing technologies with registered patents while providing the best consulting services to Big-Techs and supporting them with the realization of their innovative products, from design to implementation.

We strongly believe that communication and collaboration between people is the key to high performance and we are committed to delivering the best results with the highest standards to help you stand out.

Multidisciplinary System architecture

  • Unmatched expertise of Laser safety architecture implementation in complex designs
  • LiDAR system, Dot projector, Flood projector, etc.
  • Full multi-disciplinary system architecture
  • Advanced depth sensing complete hardware solutions from stereo systems to MEMs based solutions
  • Support end-to-end solution from design to prototyping
  • New technology development and introduction
  • Full system integration with customer
Multidisciplinary System architecture

Illumination and camera module design

ARCYTEC is designing camera & projector modules, either by providing a fully customized module or by supplying any part of the design from mechanics via optic design and analysis or electronics around it.

  • Dot pattern projector DOE based
  • Flood Projector
  • Custom light guide for LED
  • CMOS camera module for portable devices
Illumination and camera module design

Laser safety analysis & protection mechanism design

  • Laser Safety Architecture, Design, Testing and Analysis Using proven methodologies combining analysis and implementation methods
  • Laser safety standards (IEC 60825-1:2007 & 2014, ANSI Z136.1)
  • Analysis and calculation - Retinal, corneal and skin safety levels
  • Audit
  • System safety implementation analysis and corrective measure report
  • Laser safety Architecture/Micro-arch Reference-design
  • High level laser safety fail-safe system architecture reference design (EE, ME, VLSI, ESW, Algorithm)
  • Detailed fail-safe mechanisms µarch reference design (EE, VLSI, ESW, Algorithm)
  • FTA & FMEA analysis
  • End to end optical power budget analysis, including tolerance chain
  • Safety mechanisms reliability testing methodology
  • CE Certification support
  • In house laser safety pre-testing services
  • IEC 60825-1:2007/2014 certification support using best-in-class 3rd party labs
Laser safety analysis & protection mechanism design

Mems Motion control analysis & design

  • Complex static & dynamic close loop control systems design
  • Dedicated control solution for motors:
    • MEMS, Galvo, Ball bearing, Air-bearing, etc.
    • Optimal control algorithms
    • System identification and modeling
  • Control System architecture - Complete system architecture reference design for control support
  • Position Sense reference design - Position sensing requirements, architecture and recommendations for implementation technologies
  • Ground-truth test-bench reference design
  • High simulation capabilities using MATLAB and Simulink
    • Fixed-point and bit-exact conversion to FPGA
    • Speedgoat real-time machine & FPGA implementation support
Mems Motion control analysis & design

Depth validation

World class expertise in Depth sensing validation testing methodology and tailor made testing stations.

  • Spatial resolution - Highly accurate, Fully automated spatial res. testing platform for both long/short range depth.
  • Real-world accuracy - Characterize the quality of distance measurements derived from depth maps by comparing it to the real world dimensions.
  • IR Solar simulator - Supporting depth metrics analysis under ambient light, various distances and at different locations in the FOV (Temporal noise, spatial accuracy/noise, Real-world accuracy, SNR, Depth artifacts).
Depth validation