Laser Safety Test Bench

R&D and Labs Tester

LSTB - Laser Safety Test Bench - is the best-in-class laser safety test bench. The LSTB is uniquely designed by ARCYTEC Laser Safety experts to allow very fast cycles (the fastest exists) with the highest precision to qualify for certification stamp.

The LSTB is an autonomic (standalone) unit and it is the only tester in the world that is fully automatic. With one click it runs multiple sets of tests and produces a full laser test report to submit to FDA or any other certification stamp (including the stringiest CE stamp).

The LSTB is successfully being used by the R&D teams of Google.

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Performed Measurements

  • 01
    Pulse pattern profile
  • 02
  • 03
    Accessible emission (AE)
  • 04
    Apparent source size
  • 05
    AEL and PLR calculation
  • 06
    Automated critical distance analysis

LSTB unique features

The LSTB covers full safety analysis and supports several illumination technologies: LiDAR scanning system, Dot projector, flood projector and more.

  • Fully automatic

    Fully automatic

    The LSTB is the only laser tester worldwide which is designed to operate fully automatically. It runs the test with zero manual intervention and with a flow of settable automatic actions. This leads to higher accuracy and precision.

  • Extremely fast

    Extremely fast

    The LSTB performs the fastest test cycle ever - a detailed report in one hour. It supports fast testing cycles in order to allow repetitive test for better statistical data. (enables you to adapt the hardware between test's cycles).

  • Fully Flexible

    Fully Flexible

    Pick your test: the LSTB allows you to choose from multiple tests, using preset default, or set your own parameters: wavelengths, distances, scanning, thermal, resolution/FOI, fixed values or combined matrix for multiple combinations and more.

  • Thermal and Reliability testing

    Thermal and Reliability testing

    The LSTB is uniquely designed to perform safety mechanism reliability testing as well as thermal reliability testing (with our additional thermal module) by combining the thermal test with all other available tests. This unique combination saves you the time and the need to test in ovens and leads to the most precise results in thermal testing. No other tester in any lab is designed to test in that level of accuracy.

  • Automatic filter selection

    Automatic filter selection

    The LSTB is the only tester that uses a variety of filters to maximize pulse shape testing precision.

  • Automated critical distance analysis

    Automated critical distance analysis

    The LSTB has a test-flow that is dedicated to automatically locate the critical optical system plan for safety analysis.

  • Device Calibration

    Device Calibration

    The LSTB maximizes device calibration (optional module on demand) resulting in prototype performance uniformity in all R&D critical phases.

  • Residual energy test

    Residual energy test

    The LSTB tests safety protection mechanisms using our fail-safe optional package and will report the residual energy between fault triggering and laser shut-down.

  • Fail-safe testing support

    Fail-safe testing support

    Allows triggering and testing of fail-safe mechanisms response time and residual output optical energy. Provide trigger to the test-bench for failure event start indication (can be either rising/falling edge or state level). The LSTB will measure the response time and residual outputted optical power of the triggered safety event.

How the idea was born?

Interview with CEO Yohan Cohen

“Laser safety methodology is critical through every R&D phase. My team and I built the LSTB with the idea to save ourselves valuable time and money to run those tests in external labs. We needed a tester to submit quick and reliable reports with real time feedbacks. After starting ARCYTEC we decided to build the LSTB to comply with all the needs we had as engineers during the full R&D cycle: from prototype to manufacturing.

Eventually we built a test bench far more advanced than all other testers in the big labs. It is extremely fast (one hour), fully automatic, compact, and reaches the degree of accuracy and precision like never before.

The LSTB is also built to give an active feedback on the spot and help you improve product performance faster and more cost-effectively than ever.”


Feature LSTB Conventional Testers
Fully Automatic - one click to perform multiple series of tests
All tests performed on one tester Single Autonomic unit Several units
High precision Limited by intervention
Repetitive sets of tests (Reliability) Pre-defined automatically Not adequate for repetitive testing
Filter selection Fully automatic Manual - reduces accuracy and increases test time
Thermal testing support Performed separetly
Run Time 1 Hour Days / Weeks
One-time Jig design allows unlimited repetitive testing
Reliability / QA testing support
Residual energy test Not available unless special setup is achieved
Customizable UUT Jig (fixture) One-time Jig design allows unlimited repetitive testing Need recalibration at each new mount for testing

One Click to Full Report

1. Fix UUT on LSTB
2. Choose Test Parameters
3. Full Report in 1 hour

LSTB Highlights

  • The best-in-class laser safety tester bench
  • Designed to support all R&D development phases through active feedback
  • Saves your company time and money
  • Allows very fast cycles (the fastest exists) with the highest precision pre-certification testing
  • A full laser testing report to submit to FDA
  • Uniquely designed by our ARCYTEC Laser Safety experts to pre-qualify for CE certification stamp (the stringent EU safety standards)
  • Fully automatic - requires Minimal manual intervention
  • An autonomic unit
  • Purchased by big techs and is in use at their advanced labs
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