MEMS Sense Tester (GTS)

MEMS Sense Tester - Ground-truth station (GTS)

When developing MEMS or a MEMS based product, it is critical to characterize the MEMS position sensing capabilities in all working conditions.

This crucial phase allows you to improve both the hardware and the controller of the MEMS to get the best performance.

ARCYTEC's MEMS-experts identified the need for an accurate and automatic MEMS Scanner Tester that enables repetitive and high precision test cycles. We have managed to develop an innovative Ground Truth Station - compact and fully automatic MEMS Scanner Tester.

When characterizing the mems sensing and driving capabilities there is no better way to test the accuracy and precision of the MEMS sensing / positioning than have an automatic tester designed to do just that.

Main Specifications

The GTS MEMS Test-bench was developed to allow 2 levels of test accuracy, depending on the MEMS sensing accuracy you require.


The standard Tester can support large devices up to 30cm (11.8 inch) and 15kg (33 lbs) but it can easily be adapted to support various sizes / on demand.

The GTS software is uniquely designed to support REPETATIVE and AUTOMATIC testing. These feature enable FAST and REPETATIVE data collection on several samples and therefore it simplifies the characterization process.

Parameter Min Typical Max Unit Notes
Angle detection accuracy   0.14 0.27 mrad Can support sense accuracy down to 0.9 mrad
Measurement distance 499.2 - 500.8 mm Z-axis, UUT CoR to Camera sensor
TEC capacity     31 Watt  
UUT FoI ±1 - ±60 deg  
UUT weight   25   Kg  
UUT dimensions     330x200x70 cm LxHxW, when CoR is centered inside. Can be modified according to customer needs
Tester dimensions     1.2x0.9x0.8 cm LxHxW
Tester weight   50   Kg Excluding UUT, PC, monitor, keyboard & mice
Tester power rating   770 1500 Watt Peak power (including PC)

Data I/Os

Device Connection type
(PC side)
Programmable USB HUB USB-A 3.0 All USB devices are connected to the HUB, except for the Power switch
Programmable Power switch USB-A 2.0  
UUT User dependent  

Power I/Os

Device Connection type Notes
Programmable Power switch 100–240VAC 50/60Hz, Male 20A, IEC-60320-C20 Inlet cable supplied type upon client’s request (US, EU, AUS, etc.)
UUT User dependent  

Thermal Feature

One of the most unique features of the GTS is the Thermal unit.

Position sensing performance for scanning devices can vary over temperature.

TEC can be used to regulate temperature and test the sense performance at different temperatures.

The top Gimbal plate can be used for thermal coupling between the UUT and TEC.

Thermal Heating & Cooling

Heating Performance
Cooling Performance

Device mounting base

Device mounting base is designed to support several instruments along with the actual UUT:

  • Alignment device
  • Validation device
  • Thermal unit
  • UUT device

Mounting base might need to be customized if a relatively different form-factor device will be used on the bench.

Mounting base supports thermal conductivity between Peltier & UUT.

ARCYTEC's experts are at your service and can customize the station to fit your product's needs.

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