Projector & Camera Modules

ARCYTEC constantly develops customized modules for its clients. Most of which are for Depth sensing and AR / VR / MR applications such as ET (eye tracking) and more.

We strive to achieve the best possible design either it is a projector (Dot, Flood, LiDAR) or camera module or combined module.

ARCYTEC's experts have years of experience in designing those modules for the consumer market.

We offer customized-design based on off-the-shelf component or custom-built design including customized lenses/ mechanics and electronics.

We are also combining additional technology in our modules like SPD (safety photodiode to be used for laser safety system) or MPD (Monitor photodiode) that we integrate into our packaging to allow better performance.

Dot DOE Pattern Projector

  • Highly advanced DOE dot projectors design with the highest combination of performance.
  • Up to 60K dots
  • Pseudo random pattern
  • Wavelength 830 / 850 / 940 (can adjust to client request)
  • Up to 90deg FoI
  • Very low zero order < 0.2%
  • Optional SPD
  • Optional MPD
Dot DOE Pattern Projector up to 60k Dots

LiDAR Systems Design

ARCYTEC can support its clients with designing outstanding and performant system.

We combine vast knowledge in MEMS controller and our team expertise in optical design to meet our clients goals.

LiDAR Systems Design

CMOS Camera Modules

ARCYTEC develops small performant integrated camera module for consumer market.

In spectrum from NIR to Visible for all kind of application from drones to eye tracking via vacuum cleaner and AR/VR/MR applications

CMOS Camera Modules

Flood Projector

We are designing high performance and tiny Flood projector based on LED / VCSEL / Edge Emitter on demand.

Our engineers put a lot of effort in achieving the best performance while targeting the design for cost.

Flood Projector

ARCYTEC’s experts are at your service and are ready to help you maximize the performances of your new product.

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