Frequently Asked Questions


  • The LSTB is the best-in-class laser safety test bench. All laser product manufacturers must comply with international laser safety requirements. The LSTB is uniquely designed by ARCYTEC Laser Safety experts to allow very fast cycles (the fastest exists) with the highest precision to do pre-certification and be ready for formal certification testing (CE) or self-declaration report (FDA). The LSTB is an autonomic (standalone) unit and it is the only tester in the world that is fully automatic. With one click it runs multiple sets of tests and produces a full laser testing report to submit to FDA or any other certification stamp (including the stringiest CE stamp)

    The LSTB is successfully being used by the R&D teams of Google.

  • ARCYTEC's greatest expertise is Laser safety product design. 15 years of extensive multidisciplinary experience along with infinite passion for new inventions aspire us to be ahead of new technologies. We initially built the LSTB to comply with all the needs we had as engineers during R&D cycles. Eventually, we built a test bench far more advanced than all other testers in the big labs. It is fully-automatic, compact and reaches the degree of accuracy and precision like never before. Laser safety methodology is critical through every R&D phase and the LSTB is built to give active feedback on the spot and help bring your product from R&D phase to manufacture faster and more cost-effectively than ever.

    The LSTB is also designed to operate as a main test bench in big labs and help position it at the top level as it increases testing capacity and no other tester in any lab is designed to test in that level of accuracy.

    • The LSTB covers full safety analysis and supports several illumination technologies: LiDAR scanning system, Dot projector, flood projector and more
    • Fully automatic –the LSTB is the only laser tester worldwide which is designed to operate fully automatically. It runs the test with zero manual intervention and with a flow of settable automatic actions. This leads to higher accuracy and precision.
    • The LSTB performs the fastest test cycle ever - a detailed report in one hour. It supports fast testing cycles in order to allow repetitive test for better statistical data. (enables you to adapt the hardware between test's cycles).
    • Fully Flexible - Pick your test:  the LSTB allows you to choose from multiple tests, using preset default, or set your own parameters: wavelengths, distances, scanning, thermal, resolution/FOI, fixed values or combined matrix for multiple combinations and more.
    • Thermal and Reliability testing- the LSTB is uniquely designed to perform safety mechanism reliability testing as well as thermal reliability testing (with our additional thermal module) by combining the thermal test with all other available tests. This unique combination saves you the time and the need to test in ovens and leads to the most precise results in thermal testing. No other tester in any lab is designed to test in that level of accuracy.
    • QA testing -
    • Automatic filter selection - the LSTB is the only tester that uses a variety of filters to maximize pulse shape testing precision.
    • Automated critical distance analysis - the LSTB has a test-flow that is dedicated to automatically locate the critical optical system plan for safety analysis.
    • The LSTB maximizes device calibration (optional module on demand) resulting in prototype performance uniformity in all R&D critical phases
    • Residual energy test - the LSTB tests safety protection mechanisms using our fail-safe optional package and will report the residual energy between fault triggering and laser shut-down.
    • Fail-safe testing support - this allows triggering and testing of fail-safe mechanisms response time and residual output optical energy. Provide trigger to the test-bench for failure event start indication (can be either rising/falling edge or state level). The LSTB will measure the response time and residual outputted optical power of the triggered safety event.
    • Automated critical distance analysis
    • Wavelength
    • Accessible emission (AE)
    • Scanning for AE over Field-of-Illumination - finding hotspot in FOI
    • Pulse timing profile
    • Apparent source size
    • AEL and PLR calculation
  • Thermal effects are the predominant cause of laser radiation injury. The LSTB has a unique Thermal Testing support, using a TEC coupled to the UUT and support full testing cycle under defined temperature range.

    Temperature control range from -20 C (-4 F) to +100 C (212 F) using the MP-3193 thermistor supplied.

    • L = 1.4 m (4.6 ft)
    • W = 0.8 m (2.6 ft)
    • H = 0.9 m (2.95 ft)
  • All devices that includes laser in the relevant wavelength and that can be handled in size and weight by the tester, from small laser pointer devices via smartphones and up to automotive LiDAR system.

ALSTB - Artificial-Eye Laser Safety Tester

  • The LSTB is designed to test a large variety of devices with a wide range of form-factor and weight (up to 1.5kg/ 3.3 LB), using one of our pre-designed jigs.

    UUT can be easily connected to the LSTB using the existing mechanical threads via a dedicated jig (either 3D printed or Aluminum CNC). The jig interface between UUT and the LSTB gimbal mount is tailor-made per UUT easily and with low-cost.

    ARCYTEC will provide the Gimbal mount mechanical design files as part of LSTB's service.

    3D printed (plastic) manufacturing for the Jig interface can also be provided upon demand with a short lead-time delivery.

  • The LSTB performs the fastest test cycle ever - one hour. It supports fast testing cycles in order to allow repetitive test for better statistical data. (enables you to adapt the hardware between test's cycles).

  • Absolutely. The report is comparable to any other Laser Safety report you would receive in the big labs. Since the LSTB runs the test with zero manual intervention and with a flow of settable automatic actions the level of accuracy and precision is stretched to a maximum.

  • Absolutely. The LSTB outputs a detailed report to submit for certification. (FDA). The report will include all important data including FOI. Snapshot:

  • First and most importantly - owning the LSTB will allow you to save a lot of time. Laser safety is critical when designing laser-based products for compliance. There are severe safety risks that can lead to product failures if not designed appropriately. Instead of spending hours commuting to the Lab in and wait for their report (it usually takes between 2-4 weeks for the big labs to run those tests and submit the reports) you can run several tests on your own in each R&D phase receive an active feedback on the spot. Next to an extensive save in time and money you will be getting a tester bench which is far more advanced than all other testers in the big labs. It is fully automatic, super-fast run-time, compact and reaches the degree of accuracy and precision like never before.

    In addition, you can use it later for your reliability testing and QA testing, meaning the LSTB will be used during the full R&D cycle from prototype design to first small batch testing. Furthermore, the tester can also be used in manufacturing to do sampling testing of new batches.

  • As a testing laboratory you must always strive for an adequate quality and highest performance. The LSTB is the most advanced laser safety test bench worldwide today. Upgrading to LSTB will help your Lab reach higher precision with less time. The fact that the LSTB is operating fully automatically and can run multiple sets of tests on one single command, is a must-have in every lab that wants to keep up with the fast-growing market.

DLSTB - Pattern Imager Laser Safety Tester

  • Anyone with basic knowledge in the field will be able to easily operate the LSTB. To achieve the maximum performance ARCYTEC offers a comprehensive training session (up to 5 participants) on the LSTB including:

    • Tester equipment working principle overview
    • Performance and tolerance introduction
    • Tester software end to end introduction
    • Real world training session on all main modules
  • The LSTB is delivered with the following:

    • PC (optional)
    • Mechanical enclosure
    • On site installation
    • On site calibration
    • On-site training (Up to 5 participants)
    • Up to 3 custom Jigs for UUT during first year (Design and delivery)


    • Specification
    • User manual (including SW)
    • Calibration report from golden units
    • The LSTB is delivered with one (or two) mounts upon client's request. A custom gimbal mount can be designed upon client's request to support larger devices. Our design allows full FOI scanning and therefore the size of the devices that can be mounted is also dependent on the FOI that is scanned.
    • A box-shaped UUT is used to calculate the horizontal angle (Yaw) limitation (the most challenging dimension). This helps simplify the limitation understanding.
    • The 2 Gimbal mount variations are suitable for most devices. Nevertheless, we offer a custom design for any irregular UUT requirement (with not delay on test-bench delivery).
    • Jig for UUT Adaptor Jig to maintain UUT on tester
    • Laser certified Lab (according to required standard per country)
    • L = 1.4 m (4.6 ft) W = 0.8 m (2.6 ft) H = 0.9 m (2.95 ft)
    • Fix table support / Not on cart or movable carrier
    • Ground connection
    • x5 wall plug; Ppeak = 1.5kW
  • Laser safety design and analysis services:

    • Laser safety architecture implementation in complex designs
    • Advanced depth sensing complete hardware solutions from stereo systems to MEMs based solutions
    • New technology development and introduction
    • Laser safety standards (IEC 60825-1:2007 & 2014, ANSI Z136.1)
      • Analysis and calculation - Retinal, corneal and skin safety levels
      • Audit
    • System safety protection mechanisms implementation analysis and corrective measure report
    • Laser safety protection mechanisms Architecture/Micro-arch Reference-design
    • Laser safety FTA & FMEA analysis
    • End to end optical power budget analysis, including tolerance chain
    • Safety mechanisms reliability testing​​ methodology
    • In house pre-certification testing services

    MEMS controller design:

    • Motion control system expertise
      • Complex static & dynamic close loop control systems design
    • MEMS sense performance analysis using our GTS station for MEMS testing

    Multidisciplinary R&D project:
    ARCYTEC is expert in the field of depth sensing HW system and is developing new system for is client from specification to full working prototypes in qties needed for evaluation and R&D of big-tech.

    • Custom dot projector (up to 50k dots)
    • Custom Flood projector
    • Custom camera module design
    • Full custom sensor HW for depth sensing (Stereo, structured light, ToF, scanning system… )